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I am dedicated to providing a relaxing, caring experience for all of my clients. My treatments are therapeutic, mindful and precise. 

With a life-long love of hands-on therapy and healing, my bodywork training includes deep tissue massage and repetitive injury treatments from the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy. I am also certified in oncology and pediatric massage and have studied with Tracy Walton and Tina Allen, respectively. My experience includes chair massage in mental health institutions, hospitals, senior homes and Special Olympics events. My volunteer background is in hospitals, nursing homes, hospice and prisons as a family liaison, mentor and patient advocate.

I am certified in completing 750 hours in biodynamic craniosacral therapy from the Colorado School of Energy Studies in Boulder, CO. This has been a profound experience for me as I have seen first-hand how effective and gentle it is for people suffering from various kinds of trauma, migraines, head, neck and shoulder injuries, fibromyalgia, muscular sclerosis and Parkinson's. 

In an ongoing commitment, I have completed 100 hours of training in Myofascial Release (John Barnes method).  MFR techniques facilitate deeper, long lasting positive changes throughout the body, addressing the entire fascial web where limiting restrictions can be stored for years -- or even a lifetime.

Member of the American Massage Therapy Association

Currently licensed in Massachusetts 

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